A Short History of Nuestra Senora del Pan

RISING is an 8-hour durational performance and installation piece employing time, yeast, sugar, flour, water, oil, fire and sweat. RISING is a celebration of the peasant and the domestic. Bread takes time. Bread never comes out the same way twice. Bread requires you to be at home. Bread fails if you rush it. Bread sometimes fails for no reason at all. It is mysterious. Bread making is ultimately a subversive act.

Nuestra Senora del Pan began performing in 2004  at Latitude 53 in Edmonton. Galerie La Centrale Powerhouse in Montreal and at the Western Front in Vancouver.

Nuestra Senora del Pan performed at Eastern Edge in St. John’s, Newfoundland in 2005.

RISING Eastern Edge, St John's, Nfld ARIISNG Nfld ERISING Nfld DRISING Nfld BRISING Nfld C

Nuestra Senora del Pan did an Artist Residency at Douglas College in New Westminster, BC in 2006.

Nuestra Senora del Pan performed for WIA Projects & UTSC/OISE during FOOD=NEED Festival in 2012.


About verbwoman

relational performance practice using verbs in/with public
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